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Hey guys and today’s post we will see the difference between B2B vs B2C digital marketing. All the key differences of these both will be provided below. All the points of differences and additional information will be covered in this point, so you will get an idea about the difference between B2B and B2C.

What is B2B digital marketing?

Be to be digital marketing means business to business digital marketing in this process the digital marketing channels are used for the promotion of products from one source of business to another one.

This process only targets some professional businesses to spread awareness. B2B digital marketing all the audience or traffic targeted is one of the business, by targeting the business they earn profit.

What is B2C digital marketing?

B2c means business to consumer digital marketing in which by using the digital marketing channels the consumers are directly targeted. In b2c there is no middle man with their business,

the product or the promotion is done directly to the consumer or the customer who requires it without any middle person. B2c digital marketing seems to be easier than B2B digital marketing. B2c digital marketing has only one motive, to target the customer.


B2B digital marketing:In B2B, the business and professional audience with targeted and the product served to them org given to them is for business use or for business environment. B2B digital marketing is complex and competition is less, but demand is more.

B2C digital marketing:In B2C digital marketing, the individual customer is targeted and product is derivative to the end user or end consumer and the products or services given to them are not for the personal use they all are of the random categories, but they are delivered at the end user from business.


B2B digital marketing:Content made for B2B is so much informative and educational, all the content provided for B2B is well research and organize. It is because B2B sector is well-educated, so they requirement d the rich informative information. So making content for B2B is very difficult and complex.

B2C digital marketing:B2C content making is very simple, but there are some things you should follow .way to see content is or should be entertaining and should be emotionally grabbing the attention of the consumer. Because to make the business successful the main thing is to grab the attention of the consumer and that is only possible by entertaining content.


B2B digital marketing:In B2B digital marketing, it is very important to build the relationship stronger with the way to be clients, and we have to maintain that relationship for the long term. Because in B2B thought, clients are less but the cost of services is also high, so it turns profitable.

B2C digital marketing:In B2C digital marketing it is also essential to build the relationship stronger with customer but one of the most essential things is to build the loyalty of the brand or product which we are delivery to a consumer. Because loyalty of brand results in the repeat customers.

Sales cycle length

B2B digital marketing:In B2B digital marketing, the sales cycle of the B2B market is lengthy, or it is long because in the businesses there are many decision-making processes. Rather than this, there are many aspects which make the cycle length long.

B2C digital marketing:Sales cycle of B2C market is comparatively shorter as compared to be market because all the decision-making processes are very easier than the B2B market. As consumers are emotionally attached, so the time period of taking decision is very less. Because of these things, the sales cycle length is shorter in b2c market.

Channel selection

B2B digital marketing:Channel selection for B2B has to be very professional. All the digital marketing channel selected for B2B market is professional platforms are LinkedIn, some specific websites and email marketing. Because all the audience of B2B is professional, and they always prefer professional response, so channel selection is somewhat complex in B2B business.

B2C digital marketing:B2C digital marketing has end customer or consumers to reach out this customer through the digital marketing channels is very easy and simple. Mostly channel used to reach out this type of audience mainly include social media platforms sum of the influence marketing e-commerce website and advertisement. This channel don’t need and professional touch to engage with the consumer, so it is very simple to acquire the b2c market.

Purchase volume

B2B digital marketing:B2B digital marketing purchase volume of B2B is more because all the products or services used in B2B market is either for the professional use or for the business use,

so the purchase volume is more. As purchase volume is more in B2B market, the profit gain is also more.

B2C digital marketing:In B2C market, purchase volume is comparatively low as compared to B2B because in B2C the product is directly delivered to the consumers and consumers use that product for their personal needs.

So consumer or customer always purchase the products which can be used for which can be handled by themselves.

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Payment process

B2B digital marketing:In B2B quantity of the services or product is more so be to be sector always prefer the credit type of payment. Or either account to account payment, but many of the time in B2B sector the trending way of payment is the credit system.

B2C digital marketing:In B2C sector B2C to see market as the product is delivered to the end user the payment process is one time and instant either they before the service or product or after the delivery of the product and payment is faster in B2C.

How does B2B digital marketing differs from b2c digital marketing in terms of target audience and purchase decision process?

Mostly in B2B digital marketing the target audience is professional and as the audience is professional the decision-making process take times they do not take one time decision they always research and then the decision is made, and

many negotiations is also done. But in b2c digital marketing as the order value or the purchase volume is less, and the target audience only needs the requirement, purchase decision process does not take time.

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Why B2B digital marketing is better than b2c?

Because be to be is a professional type of sector and always has a bulk quantity of services or product, so B2B is better.

Is B2C digital marketing?

Yes, b2c is also the type of digital marketing in which the product is directly delivered to the end user.

Is Netflix a B2C?

Yes, Netflix is one of the example of b2c.

Is Apple B2B or B2C?

Apple is both B2B and b2c.


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