Digital marketing vs traditional marketing


Hey guys, in this post we are going to study about digital marketing and also about the traditional marketing. You will be clearing all your doubts of digital marketing and also about the traditional marketing in this article. However, the fundamental of traditional marketing is that it doesn’t provide you the way of interaction or the way of direct interaction between the audience and company.

But the digital marketing words exactly opposite about the traditional marketing, however it provides you the direct interaction between the audience and as well as company. We are going to study deeply about traditional marketing and also about the digital marketing so that you don’t have to worry about. Via this article, you can find your best way to select your marketing strategy.

what is digital marketing

In simple words you can call digital marketing as online marketing however it provides you the benefits of promotions of brands to connect with the customers by using internet and also the other forms of digital communication. However, digital communication means social media platform advertising also emails and there are also different types of tools by which you can connect to your audience.

However, the word digital itself means by using internet and marketing is called as to connect to the people. Digital marketing is not that hard to learn and also to possess. You have to work harder with it constant dedication and also with the eagerness to learn and to build marketing in real life.

Here I am going to tell you some benefits of digital marketing.

•You can connect to the unlimited customers and clients with the targeting options.

•You get the benefit of endless customization to the spot.

•You can have more interaction with your customers.

•You get the great grand credibility.

•Digital marketing is cost-effective, and also the measurable results are seen.

What is traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is strategy where you can connect to your audience using offline platforms. You can connect to your audience via newspaper and also other printing ads. In this marketing strategy, you are not allowed to reach your audience online. This is a strategy or market which has to connect with your audience via newspaper, magazines, posters, billboards and also messaging, television, radio, and also other major platforms you can engage with your targeted customers.

The digital marketing is based on any form of marketing that has to take place offline. However, we are going to provide you some benefits of traditional marketing by which you can take the advantage of it.

Benefits of traditional marketing

•This is the strategy which is convenient for the customers.

•Reaches out faster to the customers.

•Personal and face to face communication with the customers.

•Universal accepted by the customers


However, we are also going to provide you some disadvantages of traditional marketing.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing.


•Limited reach


•Uneven results

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Reach and target

Digital marketing: Digital marketing gives you the advanced targeting option through which all the marketers can reach to the various types of people. It also provides the facility to analyze the type of target.

Traditional marketing: In traditional marketing there is a rich but due to some reason the targeting is very difficult, or it is comparatively less target table than the digital marketing.

Interaction and engagement

Digital marketing: In digital marketing, you get advantage that you can directly engage with the audience through the medium of social media comments and some online discussions.

Traditional marketing: Traditional cannot perform the direct or immediate engagement with the customers. In traditional marketing, you get one way communication. Because of this reason, the reaction, or the response of the audience is not capturable.

Real time updates

Digital marketing: In digital marketing, you can see the real time updates through your campaigns. Or many adjustments can be done through the messages or the data of the audience. Only work can be done at the real time bases.

Traditional marketing: traditional marketing takes time to make the changes. Because in traditional marketing, many efforts are required to make the changes or to see the real time updates.


Digital marketing: In many campaigns are run, this campaigns include many of the data such as impression engagement clicks etc. To analyze all this data, digital marketing offers you are very simple ways so that after analyzing this data you can optimize your campaigns to increase the sales.

Traditional marketing: In traditional marketing, it is very hard to analyze the metrics are the engagement of the audience on the campaign.


Digital marketing: It offers you many cost-effective solutions because of this, the cost of digital marketing is less.

Traditional marketing: As compare to digital marketing, traditional marketing is very expensive it includes the expenses such as printing television and many human needs.

Make your Digital Visiting Card

Why to use Digital

Using digital marketing strategy can be so useful however you can have the two-way communication between the user and the company. Digital marketing is a strategy which allows you to engage your traffic global or internationally. This strategy gives you the measurable results and also reaches out to the large number of audience.

However, digital marketing is also strategy very consumed the list time and also office the high degree of flexibility in the terms of modification as well. Not only this, there are lots of benefits why you can use digital marketing instead of other marketing strategies available in the market. Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Why use Traditional Marketing

You can use traditional marketing strategy instead of other marketing strategies available in the market. The traditional marketing strategy the strategy with allows you to connect to your users via offline sources. The major sources of traditional marketing strategies that you can interact with your targeted audience via TV, radios, newspaper, magazines and also other sources available in the market. More very traditional marketing strategy is more expensive as compared to the digital marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing strategy is one of those strategies which place important role for communicating with your audience personally. However, traditional marketing strategy focuses on the personal level interaction with the customers and by this type of interaction relationships are build well with the consumers. Traditional marketing strategy is based among all of those marketing strategies, however it is strategy which encounters marketing message.

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Why use traditional and digital marketing ?

Both are the type of marketing, it is up to you which you have to use a traditional or digital.

What are three benefits of digital marketing?

Cost-effective, Wide channels, More audience.

What are the three traditional approach of marketing?

Television, radio, billboards

What are the 4ps of traditional marketing?

Product,place,price and promotion.

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